What's your go-to travel credit card?

Dale Peterson

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What travel credit cards do you guys love using?

I've been using the Delta Reserve AmEx for the past few years but now that Delta has made it harder to earn status and cut a lot of the benefits, I'll be cancelling it next year when I lose my Delta Platinum status.

Looking for a new travel credit card to get instead - I don't mind paying an annual fee if it's worth it!
Okay I am a sad Canadian here, and we have like ZERO great options, but I use the TD Infinite Privilege card and I can take a few biz class flights. year on it - BUTTTTTTTTT
I am entering the US credit system this year so I am going for:|
- Chase Sapphire
- AMEX platinum
Becuase I think they have the best features and points bonuses, even though the fees are high
Ooo my favorite topic haha. I have trouble keeping myself from signing up for more cards because they all have such good perks!

I rotate between these 3 right now:

Chase Sapphire Reserve: One of the first I signed up for so I keep it for credit history. It has priority pass included which is nice, and was one of the only ones that still had the restaurant benefit for airports that did not have a lounge. That goes away in June so I may get rid of it then.

Amex Gold: 4X points on food! Since that is like a top cost that I can't avoid this card earns points like crazy. Grocery stores also count for that 4X, so between eating at home and eating out I earn a lot.

BILT: This one is really cool. I pay my rent with this card and it doesn't charge extra fees to do so. You can even have a physical check issued if needed. The points you earn can be transferred to a lot of different travel partners.

One I am thinking about opening is the Amex gold Business version, as I could earn 4X points on gas then too.
Yea the reserve is my go-to for countries that don't accept AMEX. Another great benefit is you get a $300 statement credit for travel purchases each year, which effectively lowers your annual fee by $300 if you travel a lot.
Right now, I'm pretty stoked to get an AMEX Platinum since they were offering 125,000 points rather than the usual 80k. So far it's been great I've never had easier access to airport lounges....and the monthly Uber credits are a nice touch

Hopefully it ends up being worth the $700 annual fee